Saturday, February 11, 2012

GT5 Time Trial #28 featuring the '12 Toyota GT86

Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial featuring the 2012 Toyota GT86 at Tsukuba Circuit, Check out my results!


Playstation Network ID: cmoraUSGP
Event Name: Toyota 86 GT Tsukuba Circuit Time Trial
Event Period: 1/25/2012 - 2/08/2012
Car: 2012 Toyota GT86
Track: Tsukuba Circuit (Japan)
Controller/Wheel: Driving Force GT 
My Online Record: 1'09.964, Ranked 129 of Top 250
Online Record: 1'08.837 by user eclipsi_RC (Spain)
*Check out the Top 250 Drivers [link], including me!*


Tsukuba Circuit, Track Map:
If you don't know by now, my driving sim. of choice is Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation 3, and have been testing my skills against other drivers via the Online Time Trials that are featured in the game. It is a great way to find out where you stack up against other Gran Turismo 5 players from around the world! I don't know how many people participate in these Time Trials, but they do have a leader board online with the Top 250 players. It is my goal to make it in the Top 250 and/or the Top 10, especially when representing the American GT5 players. 

Which brings me to the main point of this post and that is that I have participated in the last Time Trial which featured the 2012 Toyota GT86 (or 86 GT). The top times were in the high's to low's and at first it was a tad difficult. I managed a time of 1:09.964, which by the end of the event was good for 129th place, and had a really hard time trying to do any better. I'll admit that I was getting frustrated towards the end.

By the way, I haven't been participating in all the Time Trials that have been offered and this one is the second one that I have been putting hours into. I should also mention that the vehicle can be tuned, but must be kept at no more than 197HP and weight no less than 1230kg, oh, and it must be on Comfort/Hard tires. Anyway, it was a good challenge and I progressed a lot in just a few days. The track, Tsukuba Circuit, is one of my favorite tracks in the game. It is small compared to other tracks but requires patience and light feathering of the throttle as to not upset the vehicle!

All in all, this was quite a fun Time Trial to have done and I look forward to future Time Trials. I wish I would have shaved off some more time to at least make it in the Top 100, but I guess making the Top 250 is quite the accomplishment. I will be blogging about future Time Trials as they come, and whether or not I feel like participating in them, lol. Finally, I may or may not add a video of the replay of my lap time...we'll see. 

NOTE: The above photos were taken "in game" by me. 


  1. Great game, i had a chance to try it out on a friend's house recently...making the top 250 in Tsukuba with that car is a fantastic result! Thanks for following my blog :)

    1. Thank's for the comment mate! You have a great blog btw. *thumbs up*

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing...