Monday, March 5, 2012

AAA Speedway, Team Croiset Racing, March 3/4

I began volunteering for the Croiset Racing Team this past weekend at California Speedway! Check it out!

     So, this past weekend (March 3/4) was the first race of the SoCal NASA season! I got to volunteer for the Croiset Racing Team, which is managed by Jeremy Croiset, and it was an interesting weekend nonetheless. There were 2 other volunteers there and we pretty much helped maintain the cars. For starters, The Croiset Racing Team manages about 3 or 4 race cars, the cars compete in the Honda Challenge group by the way, and our job was to do basic maintenance on them. Such as, checking engine oil levels, tire pressures, torque the wheels, washing windows, etc.

     It was a pretty easy weekend to say the least, which was fine by me as I got a chance to know some of the drivers and volunteers. There isn't a whole lot that I can say that hasn't been said already, but I certainly learned new things here and there. Next month's event is at the Buttonwillow Race Track in Bakersfield, CA. I went there last year when I was volunteering for NASA's Tech Inspection, they usually have an enduro that takes place there, and that should be interesting.

     So, yep, I am happy to be part of a winning racing team and I hope that I can gain more knowledge about racing through the drivers and volunteers. Anyway, the other thing that I am looking forward to is an Indoor Kart Racing class that I am taking on the March 31st, should be fun! I'll blog about it then.


  1. It was an awesome experience, right? That is why only you are sharing it with us. Well if you have interest in races and cars then you should go there regularly and try to learn something from them.