Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GT Academy USA 2012 & Update

Finally, the second GT Academy USA is finally here, also a few update's!

GT Academy USA 2012 is finally here, and will be available as a free standalone "demo" in the Playstation Store. According to GTPlanet.com, there are 4 GT Academy's this time around, there is a European, Russian,  German, and American Academy...with 15 countries competing all together, for the chance at becoming a Professional Racing Driver

They have made the format very different than from last year's. There will be 8 rounds, each lasting ~2 weeks, and instead of each being a Time Trial (like last year's) it will be a series of challenges. The final 8th round is the one that will get you to the finals! 

For those that don't know, I did my best on the previous GT Academy USA 2011, managed to make it to the 3rd of 5 rounds. I feel like I have learned more since then and I hope I can make it all the way this time around. I'll be updating on my progress as the competition goes on. 

Also, I have recently downloaded iRacing and the Skip Barber F2000 and Laguna Seca, and I plan on practicing (and getting good at) on iRacing before heading out to do the 3 day Racing School again. Again? Yep, Skip Barber and IndyCar have joined forces to create a sort of "shootout" for those who have no experience racing, and it is pretty much like the "karting shootout" they already have...only you don't need any racing experience. 

It work's like this, you sign up for the 3 day Formula Car School and let them know you want to qualify for the shootout. Then they will see how well you do in the 3 day's, if they see you are able to do well, then they will choose you to participate in the shootout against ~30 or so others. From there, if you come out on top, they will award you with a scholarship to participate in either the "summer" or "winter" season of the Skip Barber Racing Series. 

*catches breath*

I also, finished my 3rd K1 Speed School at Onatrio, CA this past weekend ... managed a 2nd place, but to be fair, the guy had a waaaay faster kart than me. In fact, I qualified for 3rd ... then fought my way up to 1st ... I was leading a couple laps ... then the guy with the overpowered kart came up and I went wide, he saw the opportunity, and I eventually ended up in second place after trying to chase him. 

Biggest lesson learned that day, to block the heck out of someone who has an overpowered kart ... hehe. 

Anyway, that is all folks! Stay tuned as I update you on my GT Academy progress.