Friday, June 8, 2012

GT Academy 2012 - Final 8th Round is Coming!

A quick overview of how I've been doing lately in the competition. 

So, the online portion of the competition is coming to an end. Beginning next week, Round's 7 & 8 will go live and Round 8-5 will be the one that counts. Just as a reminder, the top 32 players in the country will get a chance at the semi-finals! From there the top 16 get a chance at the ultimate prize, a shot at becoming a pro racing driver.

I've been practicing over the past couple weeks and seeing great improvement's. Of course, I've competed in last years GT Academy, to only make it in 51st place in the West Region (which ain't bad). This time around I feel more mature in my driving skills/talent and have been able to get closer to the top times. It's not easy but it's very doable, like anything, practice makes perfect.

Come Round 8-5, I will be putting in as many hours into it as possible and hope I can see an improvement over last year. Anyway, with Round's 5 & 6 coming to an end for me, I've been focusing on Round 6 and have seen improvement's in my times. Which is giving me the confidence I need to continue doing better in the round's to come.

The next update should be regarding Round 8-5 and will blog about then. :D

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