Tuesday, June 26, 2012

GT Academy 2012 Over, Final Results

The GT Academy is finally over, Here's a quick overview

It was a tough "mental" battle throughout the competition with myself and trying to figure out where I can go faster around the track. Quick summary about the 8th round; the car used was the Nissan 370z Tuned GTA Edition, the track was the Twin Ring Motegi East Short Course, and we were given ~2 weeks to improve our times.

I knew beforehand that I was going to be dealing with some pretty fast guys, the "aliens", and all I could do is try to learn from them. The final results; Top time for USA: 1:30.997, My Top time: 1:32.134 so I was approx. a little more than a second off the competition. There was more time to be had on the track, but I had a hard time with the execution. I am sure that I could have gotten a mid to high 1:31.xxx, with some more time.

Unfortunately, my performance wasn't there and thus couldn't make a 1:31.xxx lap time or the Top 32 for that matter. Of course, this left me dissapointed but I told myself to use this as a stepping stone and work on my performance from here on out, so that I can perform a lot better for the next GT Academy.

A few day's later and I learned that I have one more shot at this; they announced a "wild card" event that is going to be held in San Diego. This is the same area where the Semi Finals, for the Top 32, are going to be held. San Diego is approx. an hour and a half's drive from where I live. The wild card event is meant to add a 33rd contestant to the already top 32.

So, it is worth a shot and I will get some more practice in hopes that I can get a spot in the top 33.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to Mike of http://aracingdream.com/, he was also competing and at one point, I was struggling to best his time on the last round. Good Job man!


  1. thanks for the shout out. how did the wild card event go?

    1. No prob., I did manage to go but only had a chance to do it once :( for personal reasons but nonetheless I did get a nice key chain & bag lol Although, the wheel used at the event was the Thrustmaster t500 and I wasn't used to that wheel so that threw me off quite a bit.

      Eh, there is always next year though. Thank's for stopping by and leaving a comment btw ;D