Saturday, September 22, 2012

Red Bull Kart Fight @ K1 Speed *UPDATE*

I managed to qualify for the Red Bull Kart Fight semi-finals at K1 Speed!


Thought I should update this post rather than create a new one. Anyhow, I did go and gave it my best. Here's a rundown: There was a 14 lap Qualifier and 16 lap Race. I was competing against some pretty good karters, in fact most of them seemed to have much more experience then lil ol' me lol. Nonetheless, they separated us into 2 groups and one winner of each group got the chance to go to Texas for the Formula 1 US Grand Prix. 

I qualified 10th of 13 racers in the group and finished 8th in the race. Unfortunately there was an accident in the first corner and that pushed me back in last place but I managed to catch up and finish 8th. I'd like to think that had I not been involved in that accident that I would have finished in the top 5. It's too bad but I learned a lot in the process and I can take away the experience I had at this event and move on to the next opportunity that I get. 

Anyway, no pics/vids of the event, unfortunately. But will have to get some footage of me karting via Go Pro some time lol. I am also slowly getting my Miata ready for a track day or Auto X event, I'll try and get pic's of my 1991 Miata soon, I'll be doing a few mods to get it ready. Stay Tuned!

*Update #2*

Here is a cool compilation video of the event, video is by Jared Ewing, who competed at the event:

*Note: You can see where I crash twice in this video @ 0:33 & 1:02, white helmet/blue visor.  


Ok, so, I haven't been posting much lately since my time spent trying to get into the GT Academy Semi Finals (which I didn't manage to qualify, I finished in something like 200th place in the country) but anyhow that moment has passed and I am looking for more opportunities to move on in my "racing career". One of which is, I got back into indoor karting after a loooong hiatus, mainly trying to conserve my money because I didn't have a job at the time. I got a full time job about 2 months ago and it pretty much takes up all of my weekdays. Which leaves my weekends open, for racing!!! : D

So I've taken up indoor go karting again, via K1 Speed, and have been going pretty much every Saturday. I have been honing my skills and putting into practice what I already know. Well, about 4 weeks ago, K1 Speed announced a competition they were hosting with Red Bull. The Red Bull Kart Fight, which I've heard about before, but never had the chance to participate until now.

Every Wednesday night, for the past 4 weeks, they gave individuals a chance to qualify for the Semi Finals. The top 5 fastest times (from 5 different K1 Speed's in SoCal) at the end of the 4 weeks would get invited to the Semi Finals at the K1 Speed in Anaheim. I managed to qualify 4th fastest lap time at my location and thus got a chance to compete at the Semi Finals next Wednesday.

Just for the record, I tried so hard to get a 24 sec. lap time the second time I was there. Grrr, just have to get to know myself and the track a little better BUT nonetheless I managed to improve from my previous attempt (see week 3) even if just 200th's of a second. Anyhow, I'll be practicing at the Anaheim location to get to know the track before hand and hopefully finish at the top come Wednesday. BTW, the top 3 at the Semi Final get a chance to fly to Texas to compete at the "National Finals"! AND the top racer from there will compete at the "World Finals"! I plan on getting pic's/video of the event next week, stay tuned. ; )

*Note: I did not attend the first 2 qualifying events but did attempt the final 2.

Week 3 Results:
K1 Speed Ontario
1. Ricky Johnson – 24.89
2. Jacob Schreiner – 25.318
3. Christopher Morales – 25.396
4. David Brizuela – 25.427
5. Dawson Hughes – 25.695
6. Evan Boshers – 25.830
7. John Brizuela – 25.903
8. Jeremy Wood – 26.039
9. Marcos Villela – 26.179
10. Joshua Ellis – 26.578

Week 4 Results: 
K1 Speed Ontario
1. Aaron Downs – 24.423
2. Kc Cook – 24.424
3. Christopher Morales – 25.154
4. Ash Minguez – 25.200
5. Jeremy Wood – 25.235
6. David Brizuela – 25.249
7. Rick Brogden – 25.414
8. Derek Esquibel – 25.615
9. Jason Arias – 25.919
10. Alex Alvarado- 26.087

Here is a list of the top 25 competing at the Semi Final:

K1 Speed Carlsbad
Josh Krauss – 24.73
Andrew Lemons 24.732
Charles Eichlin 24.742
Jared Buccola – 24.96
Kyle Hazen – 25.03
K1 Speed Irvine
Track 1:
Keith Covey – 23.412
Elvis Castaneda – 23.504
Toby Robles – 23.559
Track 2:
Kc Cook – 21.296
Steve Boniface – 21.363
K1 Speed Anaheim
Spencer Mayeda – 27.038
Nicholi Gray – 27.248
James Cullen – 27.472
Lawrence Yiang – 27.572
Logan Calvin – 27.581
K1 Speed Torrance
Robby Stanovich – 26.091
Barrett Mitchell – 26.334
Jared Ewing – 26.564
Ken Stewart – 26.574
Evan Karp – 26.667
Jack Jones III – 26.673
K1 Speed Ontario
Aaron Downs – 24.42
Ricky Johnson – 24.89
Jason Gardner – 25.120
Christopher Morales – 25.154
Ash Minguez – 25.200

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